Game Prototypes

University, Unreal Engine, FPS

An Old-School Inspired FPS Game

Originally intended as a test-bed project for experiments, this game has been slowly growing into a mashup of games I loved from my childhood, ranging from inspirations from Halo 3, Quake 3, Gears of War alongside some modern influences.
Predominantly experiments with networking and replication, using Steamworks

University, Unreal Engine, Multiplayer

An Arcade Boxing Kangaroo Game

Inhabit the body of a ‘roo, take on many other kangaroo’s, knock them out! Battle against the roo’s of the arena and work as a team or lone wolf your way to ensuring victory over the other unworthy opponets in the Arena.

University project using my knowledge gained from previous projects.

Casino Night

Univertisy Arcade Game project with a team of other students, acted as Programmer and Technical Designer.

University, Unreal Engine, Single Player, Arcade Game

FistFPS - Prototype

University, Unreal Engine, Multiplayer, FPS

Project Goal:

Develop a prototype for a first-person game centered around fist-based melee combat, featuring multiplayer capabilities through networking. The game will use physical-based damage to visually represent health, eliminating the need for traditional health bars.

University, Unreal Engine, Multiplayer, FPS

Project Goal:

Small level created for quick level design task during 2nd Year of University

Awakening in an underground science research facility, the research subject must break through the lock downed areas and escape before the facility's reactor melts down.

Split Forest